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Updated:  July 8, 2002
Hall of Fame

Welcome to the hall of fame. Your name could be here! If you score more than 25,000 points, let us know and, if we believe you, we will list you here. Get playing, this section is still looking really empty, because the Styx web site was resurrected quite recently. So, this is the time to take a position in the Hall of Fame.

Rank Name Country Score Level Date
1 USA 101,660 7 Apr 2001
2 Johnny Veliath Canada 100,735 8 Nov 2000
3 Vivek Karthikeyan India 96,251 5 June 2002
4 Heiner Haubrich Germany 89,454 4 Apr 2001
5 Adri Timp Netherlands 64,232 4 Feb 2000
6 Maarten Kramer Netherlands 64,065 4 1999
7 Elad Verbin Israel 51,607 4 May 2000
8 Frédéric Phan France 48,119 4 Mar 2002
9 Irina Timp Netherlands 45,418 4 Nov 2000
10 Anthony Beaton Canada 42,722 3 Oct 2000
11 Matthew Mac Kenzie Canada 41,203 3 Oct 2000
12 Einar Johan Trøan Sømåen Norway 38,349 3 Apr 2001
13 Daniel Grocholl Germany 32,634 3 Oct 2001
14 Andrew Jenner Great Britain 30,418 3 1998

Johnny Veliath seems to be a specialist in Windmill games: he is also a high scorer on Digger, another great game designed by Windmill Software. He is an absolute world champion in playing Styx, so far leaving all others far behind.

Maarten Kramer was the person that triggered Andrew Jenner to remaster Styx.

Elad Verbin developed a cunning strategy. Read it!

Irina Timp, 9 years old, practised a lot and finally broke the 40,000 border.

When sending scores, please check the website first to make sure that your score is good enough. Also, please tell us your full name, country, level you reached, date of the record and whether or not you want your email address published on the website.

All email addresses published here are done so with the consent of their owners.