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Updated:  July 8, 2002


After completing one level (by reclaiming at least 80% of the territory) one proceeds to the next level. The levels increase in difficulty very fast. Below you will find, what we know so far about the levels.

Level one
Level one contains one Styx and one caterpillar.

Level two
Level two contains one Styx and two caterpillars, unfortunately moving in opposite directions and thereby forcing you to periodically move into the center of the screen to avoid them. You can't loiter about waiting at the edge of this level for too long - you have to act, and be aggressive! This level was slightly faster in the original, but it was going way too fast on the new version so  that "feature" was taken out in this remastered version of Styx..

Level three
Level three contains two simultaneously running  Styxes and two caterpillars (moving in opposite directions). Fortunately, the Styxes are somewhat smaller and move at lower speed. If you manage to segregate the Styxes though, one of them will disappear (although there is no way to tell which one). However, after killing one Styx, your speed is reduced (to about half of it's original value), so the caterpillar moving in the same direction as you, will be faster then you ....

Level four
The fourth level starts the same as level three: two Styxes and two caterpillars. The difference is that both of the caterpillars are continuously growing so it becomes more and more difficult to pass them when they walk in your direction. After you lose a life, the caterpillars return to their original size (but begin growing again).
If you fill in a section and get the caterpillar within it, the catepillar will dissappear and re-appear elsewhere if it cannot get out in time.  The important thing about this is that the catepillar will re-appear at its original, small size, not at the size it was.  We are assuming the same goes
for level 5.
We think there is a limit to how long the catepillars can grow in level 4, but so far we are not sure about that.

Level five
Johnny Veliath is the only person who ever reached this level. He says:  "Level five, as far as I could tell (I didn't last more than 30 seconds) was set up in the same manner as level four, but I think the caterpillars were growing
faster (twice as fast?) than in level four.  It may, of course, have been a
psychological effect.  There were two styxes, and the speed ratios between
the various components seemed to be the same."  

Level six, seven, eight,  ...?
Johnny Veliath once reached level eight. He says:
"As for the levels, I said earlier that the layout of level five was the same as level four, except that the catepillars were growing faster.  I think that may be true, but since I've only been there twice I'm still not absolutely sure.  However, I am almost positive that there is a limit to the length the catepillars can grow, because in all my travels I've never seen them grow longer than about 3/4 the length of the side of my screen.
In level five I hung around a long time, waiting for the styx to go where I wanted him to go, and the catepillars still stayed within that length.  (The styx, however, was a nasty fellow: he never did go where he was suppossed to -- I had to build a trap around him).
As for levels six, seven and eight, they all seemed to be exactly the same, and followed the layout of level five.  In my opinion, all the levels hereafter will follow the layout of level five.  (Obviously, if level five is the same as level four, they will then follow the format of level four).
Some people think there might be a free life at some point.  All I can say is that you certainly don't get one at 100,000, anyway.  I was hoping that I might get a free man, and maybe go on for another level or two but I was disappointed."

Level nine, ten, ...
We're not sure about later levels.

Do you know more?
If you have any additional information about levels one to four, or about further levels, please contact us. We'll be more than happy to update this page. Thanks.