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Updated:  July 8, 2002
Styx Strategy

On this page we collect strategies and hints that have been developed by Styx fans. A Styx player who describes an extensive strategy, gets an own page. In that case you'll find a link to that dedicated page here.

If you have any good ideas please contact us. We'll be more than happy to publish your playing suggestions on this web site. We appreciate when you send us screenshots to explain your strategy. A good working freeware program you will find on the download page.

All quotes published here or on the linked pages are done so with the consent of the author.

Johnny Veliath (Canada)

The current World Champion explains his strategy very well and illustrates it with many screen shots. Go there and become World Champion yourself.

Elad Verbin (Israel)

Elad has developed a very good strategy that may result in very good results in the first levels of the game. Go there and try it yourself.